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These modules were designed to meet two very different needs. The first being the pre-class work necessary to institute a flipped classroom design for this elective. The second being an opportunity to provide resources to our community pharmacy based preceptors. The grant was designed to allow for pedagogic research on these modules, compared with other forms of pre-class work; to ask about student opinions of course material presentation; to review utilization of the videos by students who did not take the elective; and to review use by preceptors who wish to hone skills or get new product information.

Initial results indicate:

  1. Students prefer audio to simple reading for preclass work in the flipped classroom setting.
  2. The singular most important feature for students is the existence of a handout.
  3. There is no difference between voice-over PowerPoint and video in learning or student satisfaction.
  4. Students report preferring four 15-minute videos rather than one 60-minute video.
  5. Test scores demonstrate pre-class work with audio (video or voice-over PowerPoint) enhances short-term learning.

There are several results still pending, including: the utilization rate by students after the completion of the class; the utilization rate by students who didn’t take the elective; and the utilization rate by preceptors in the experiential education program.

Pearls for future e-learning decisions include: assure understanding of all branding rules before the start of the project; voice-over PowerPoint is more flexible when drug availability and labeling change than video; and careful lesson planning is required not only for the e-learning modality, but also for the active learning component.