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Background: Healthcare organizations need employees with leadership skills who can successfully navigate politically delicate situations, determine alternatives, prioritize action steps, and develop best practices directed towards issue mitigation and resolution. Faculty are dedicated to ensuring that education is current and relevant for today’s nurse leaders, based on authentic situations occurring in the healthcare environment. The e-learning module was developed for UNMC nursing administration / leadership students, but has broader application for any leader. The design of this module included four sections: 1) content (reading/resource) review, 2) interactive online scenario, 3) assessment of the student’s choices, and 4) flipped classroom dialogue and practice in skill application. Upon completion, students can assess and apply best leadership practice skills of Political Savvy, Priority Setting, and Problem Solving in politically delicate situations.

Conclusions/Recommendations: This project promotes student control and active application of content within the interactive scenario, the assessment and the flipped classroom. Application of skills within a simulated setting promotes student confidence in their ability to construct meaning and match new information against existing knowledge. During the flipped classroom discussion, students could make meaningful connections and utilize leadership skills they can transfer to their leadership roles.