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Defeating Antibiotic Resistance: Mastering Drugs and Bugs


College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy

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One of the most important medications second-year biomedical professional students must learn is antibiotic drugs. As they progress into their clinical years, students must be able to retain this knowledge and integrate it with other basic and clinical sciences to effectively guide infectious disease management.

Students often struggle to master this topic because of the relatively short period of time in which to memorize large quantities of drugs, their mechanisms of action, their target pathogens and their common side effects. Clinical preceptors commonly complain third-year students are slow to recall this information and lack confidence in applying it to their clinical cases.

This interactive, self-paced Articulate Storyline e-module promotes retention of antibiotic drugs and their mechanisms of action, target pathogens and side effects by creating easier-to-remember associations using memorable images, relevant colors and pictures. Application and reinforcement of this information is reviewed throughout the e-module with a variety of practice questions, including matching-style, multiple choice, and drag-and-drop questions.