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Diagnosis of Renal Neoplasms


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One of the hurdles in studying medicine is remembering and understanding the enormous amount and complicated nature of facts required for practice. Historically, it has been shown studying such material in a case-based format helps in its understanding and retention.

Therefore, in this e-module, 10 cases were designed to illustrate 10 different renal neoplasms. Gross images of resected tumors, scans of imaging studies, videos of microscopic pathology and slides using animation to explain molecular pathways were utilized. The cases were presented such that the reviewer was quizzed to select the most appropriate response. Each response (correct and incorrect responses) had detailed explanations highlighting differential diagnostic features using additional images/videos/animation as required.

In this module, solving the cases using a “multimedia” approach with explanations for incorrect responses helps in retention and application of course material. The module can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, allowing students to have more control of their learning. Review of the material before a live class session helps in developing critical thinking skills. The multimedia approach relates to the contemporary learner and also provides for better archiving of information with easy access for future reference.