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RESPECT Clinic: A “Crash Course” in STDs


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RESPECT is an interdisciplinary, student-led clinic dedicated to providing affordable care to patients in need. Through service to various indigent populations in the community, students learn to be both competent and compassionate providers. There is a problem, though: students are not prepared for what is to ensue when they first step through the door.

Medical and PA students are expected to interview young, sexually active patients and ask deeply personal questions only to follow it up with a speculum exam that may be the first experience for both the student and the patient. Naturally, this can lead to some anxiety for both parties. Furthermore, many students have not yet been introduced to the fundamental material required to think about, treat, and counsel patients on sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, what should be a positive learning experience for students can quickly turn into an overwhelming and discouraging one.

In order for students to feel more prepared, we have created an e-module that will serve as a “crash course” in STDs. By using Camtasia software, we have condensed material that would take hours to learn into a 15-minute presentation. Graphic images are utilized with zoom features to engage the learner and increase retention. Material is organized in a clinical manner and delivered in a dynamic fashion to inspire critical thinking. Because the video lecture is produced in MP4 format, learners can speed up, fast forward, and rewind to expedite learning.

Our goal for this e-module is to close the curricular “gap,” thereby enabling students to feel more empowered to provide quality care to patients in need.