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Endodontic Immunology: An Introduction of Classic to Current Evidence of Endotoxins


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Endodontic disease is essentially an inflammatory response of microbial etiology primarily caused by bacteria. Endotoxin can induce and perpetuate inflammatory response in dental pulp. A large amount of information from basic science perspective has been generated to understand the pathogenicity. However, a simplified version and putting what we know so far in a clinical perspective is lacking, making this one of the most difficult topics to understand by dental students and postgraduate residents.

This project helps learners understand the basic knowledge and put it in a clinical scenario. Basic information, relevant molecular pathways, and literatures discussing the topic were presented together in a simplified format. Sketches, minimal text and clinical cases were included. The game show component helps viewers recall information.

Furthermore, the project leaves many questions unanswered that will be addressed in future projects or classroom activities. For example, “LPS may cause dental pain” was mentioned; however, the mechanism was not discussed.

To view this e-module, visit www.endodonticresource.com. Data will be obtained from the site-wide statistics. A hashtag will be created and shared to mark the e-module and make it more easily found in a Twitter search. Comments from other Tweets marked with this e-module will be reviewed. Residents at UNMC will be required to view the link and submit a survey. Structured like the TV show “Jeopardy!”, the e-module’s game show component is unique to help