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What to Do Next: An Interactive Journey Combining Behavioral Health and Medical-Surgical Nursing


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Nearly 1 in 4 persons struggles with a mental health problem in their lifetime. Therefore, all nurses, regardless of specialty or setting, need to be well trained on the potential impact of these issues on the overall health and well-being of the person. Accordingly, all nurses must be able to recognize, assess, and appropriately respond to mental health issues in any health care setting.

This e-module is designed for an undergraduate nursing curriculum. The purpose of the e-module is to sharpen students’ understanding of mental health needs in medical-surgical settings regardless of specialization; and that behavioral and mental health needs must be properly assessed in all areas of nursing practice.

This goal is achieved by presenting an online simulated case experience. The learner is able to view interactions between a patient and nurse, and choose how to advance the interaction, leading to another set of choices. The learner’s knowledge is evaluated at the end of the e-module using targeted assessment questions. The interactive nature of this e-module helps to encourage critical thinking, promote engagement, and foster better retention and application of course material by providing real-time feedback on the choices made by the learner.