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The Advanced Clinical Skills Team is group of faculty dedicated to teaching procedural skills using high fidelity simulation. To enhance these training sessions, we developed a series of five e-modules to enhance procedural training. The five e-modules are:

  1. Pre-procedure
  2. Paracentesis with ultrasound guidance
  3. Thoracentesis with ultrasound guidance
  4. Lumbar puncture
  5. Central venous catheterization at the internal jugular and subclavian vein sites with ultrasound guidance

The pre-procedure module discusses details of attaining informed consent, performing a time-out, use of sterile precautions and appropriate procedure documentation. The procedure specific modules cover indications, contraindications, complications and fluid analysis specific to each procedure.

These e-modules will be used in a flipped-classroom approach to procedure training, with a focus on didactic content, rather than on procedural demonstration. This approach will allow for content standardization and maximization of hands-on classroom experience with simulation models. This e-module series will be used in several courses, including:

  1. Annual training for Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatric resident
  2. Annual training for senior medical students (M-ID-710 Senior Seminar Series)
  3. Procedure-based clerkships for junior and senior medical student
  4. Faculty development for maintenance of competency in bedside procedures
  5. Opportunity to expand to other training programs, including Family Medicine, advanced practice nursing, and physician assistant