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Educational Leadership Conference

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Fall 10-20-2019


Implementing comprehensive holistic admissions requires schools to evaluate, and perhaps think differently, about recruitment and marketing, admission and retention practices, as well as the extent to which these practices align with the institutional mission and goals. Developing and implementing holistic admissions is time, and resource intensive and requires tremendous leadership and faculty support. This course is designed to give physical therapy educators background rationale and a formal structure to operationalize comprehensive holistic admissions, from recruitment to workforce placement, including strategies for gaining higher administration support. The Dean, former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Admissions Committee Chair of the College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center will share their experience with developing, implementing and evaluating comprehensive holistic admissions for the entire college, consisting of 14 programs. The interactive course format will invite participants to engage the presenters as it pertains to the participants’ unique journeys with implementing holistic admission practices at their own institutions, allowing for a rich exchange of information and experiences.

Chart a Course for Holistic Admissions Transformation Using an Interprofessional Model