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Revista de Investigaciones Veterinarias del Perú

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Antibodies against viral bovine diarrhea virus (BVDV) and of BVDV antigen in serum samples Were evaluated from cattle aged 10 to 23 months (n = 148) from a dairy herd disease eradication where the has-been carrying out since 2002. The herd is located in Santa Rita, Arequipa, Peru, and samples were collected twice on a 30-day interval. Antibodies against BVDV and BVDV antigen were analyzed by viral neutralization and capture ELISA tests respectively. Neutralising antibodies against BVDV were detected in 6.8% (10/148) of animals, and most reactors were 19 to 23 months of age. The antibody titer ranged from 8 to >256. None persistently infected (PI) animals were found. The incidence of infection and seroconversion in the second set of samples was nill. These results suggested that the antibodies against the BVD corresponded to residual antibodies from previous infections. In addition, the results indicate the BVD infection has been controlled.




Evaluation of antibodies against the virus of BVD from a herd in the process of eradicating the disease.

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