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Revista de Investigaciones Veterinarias del Perú

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In the study evaluated was the persistence of maternal antibodies levels Classical Swine Fever Against the virus (CSFV) in Vaccinated piglets born from sows from two farms (A and B) With different strategies against CSFV vaccination. In farm A sows were vaccinated at 90 days of gestation and in farm B at 18 - 21 days postpartum. Serum samples were collected from piglets of both farms, at first (n=15), third (n=15), fifth (n=15) and seventh (n=15) weeks of age, and from 15 sows from each farm A for detection of antibodies against CSFV by the indirect ELISA test. All piglets had maternal antibodies against CSFV at first week of age, persisting in most of them to the seventh week of age. Significant differences between farms were found (p<0.05) on levels of maternal antibodies in piglets at first and third week of age. Also, higher variability on antibody levels was observed n piglets and sows in farm A. The results suggest that the level and persistence of the maternal antibodies in piglets depend of vaccination strategies against PPC virus.




Persistence of maternal antibodies against the virus of classical swine fever in piglets of sows on farms with different vaccination strategies.

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