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F. M. Barnes, G. F. Bartholomew, H. W. Denson, A. W. Carlile, Wm. H. Chapman, C. J. Christensen, B. W. Christie, A. H. Cooper, W. T. Craft, Miss Frida Drummer, A. W. Fitzsimmons, E. J. Fleetwood, D. G. Griffiths, J. E. Hansen, F. H. Hanson, Miss F. D. Henderson, Louis L. Henninger, H. D. Hully, P. E. James, W. Y. Jones, R. R. Kennedy, William Kerr, E. C. Keyes, F. W. Kruse, D. A. Lee, F. A. Lemar, M. B. McDowell, Hugh Mantor, Milan S. Moore, C. F. Morsmand, Jno. A. Peters, C. W. M. Poynter, Grove Rathbun, David J. Reid, David Rundstrum, Mathew A. Tinley, Frank Tornholm, E. A. Van Fleet


Composites are produced by the College of Medicine. There may be graduating students not pictured or listed.