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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Brandon Grimm, PhD, MPH

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Regina Idoate, PhD

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Melissa Tibbits, PhD


Childhood obesity is a public health concern in the U.S; however, for the Hispanic/Latino community these concerns have grown to epic proportions. In Nebraska, the rate of childhood obesity is 25.1%; among Hispanic / Latinos students, the obesity rate is 30.9%. Unfortunately, specific Nebraska obesity rates by race and ethnicity are limited among rural communities, and programs that can effectively address this problem in the Hispanic / Latino community are limited or non-existent. Consequently, disparities between urban and rural communities exist. The purpose of this capstone project is to design a culturally and linguistically oriented intervention to address childhood obesity among the Hispanic/Latino community in a rural population. We used secondary data gathered from the literature on evidence-based childhood obesity programs for this population and from focus groups conducted among a Hispanic/Latino community during an APEx Learning project in Colfax County, Nebraska. This capstone project will also provide a full description of the program, logic model, implementation plan, evaluation plan, expected outcomes, strengths and limitations, sustainability, and budget. Finally, this intervention plan hopes to influence community leaders to adopt this project and for it to be implemented by the East Central District Health Department to reduce childhood obesity among the Hispanic/Latino community in Colfax County, Nebraska.

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