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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion

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Dr. Regina Idoate

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Dr. Melissa Tibbits

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Rachel Heinz


Currently, those with a mental illness are less likely to receive primary care services and are more likely to die sooner than those without a mental illness. Combating this health disparity, integrated healthcare is a holistic approach that treats both mental and physical health. The cooperation and partnership of multiple health disciplines is a whole-person method that improves a patient’s overall wellbeing. Community Alliance is an organization in Omaha, Nebraska that offers integrated health care services through its clinic to community members. With multiple areas of care, roles and responsibilities can become easily obscured creating confusion and mistakes in the clinic. To alleviate these obstacles and improve their integrated healthcare services, I took field notes and conducted interviews to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Community Alliance clinic staff. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities can support fewer mistakes and a smoother transition between care services can improve employee satisfaction and a patient’s overall experience, safety, and health outcomes. To further understand and assess the clinic’s operations, an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was conducted to provide insight into possible changes that would enhance efficiency and execution of care. From these insights, future structural and policy changes can be supported to improve integrated healthcare and patient health.

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