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Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

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Wael ElRayes, MBBCh, PhD, MS, FACHE

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Jungyoon Kim, PhD

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Kathleen Brandert, MPH, CHES


Specific Aims: The aims of this evaluation plan are to investigate the role of the Nebraska nonprofit organization, MilkWorks, in promoting breastfeeding and family support programming and to identify future internal and external growth opportunities through an assessment of the organizational practices using stakeholder perspectives and marketing structure to better promote infant and parental health.

Significance: As a best practice, evaluation of MilkWorks is critical to providing proper services for promoting infant development and parental health in urban and rural Nebraska communities.

Background: MilkWorks was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, by mothers with the intention of promoting breastfeeding by offering support services. MilkWorks expanded into Omaha, Nebraska, with a second full-service location in 2015 and offers condensed services in York, Nebraska.

Methods: A mixed-methods approach was used to collect feedback from MilkWorks staff, board members, partners, and consumers. Quantitative data were collected through three surveys to investigate the organizational culture. Qualitative data were collected through the same surveys and additional consumer focus groups to identify growth areas and inspirations for future development.

Results: Recommendations were made regarding the development of growth areas and the maintenance of organizational strengths. The organization’s operations were broken down into a dynamic input, conversion, and output model that can be used to evaluate future growth opportunities. Finally, demonstrations on how goals identified in the strategic planning process could be implemented and evaluated over time.

Discussion: MilkWorks has strong potential for increasing its reach in communities across Nebraska within the next decade with expanded services to promote mental health wellness for parents and access for marginalized communities. Emphasis must be placed on establishing standards for defining success as the organizational leaders created an ambitious and diversified list of goals for growing the organization.