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Master of Public Health


Health Services Research & Administration

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Dr. David Palm, PhD

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Stephanie Bunner, MSN, RN

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Dr. Brandon Grimm, PhD, MPH


This was a quality improvement project that helped Central District Health Department (CDHD) work more closely with their community partners to identify the activities and programs that are currently in place to address priority health needs that were included in the 2016 Comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The purpose of this project is to identify the specific activities and programs that are being implemented by the health department and community partners in relation to the priority needs. These activities and programs were identified by conducting a survey of the major community partners. The findings from the survey helped to identify what activities and programs are currently underway, what progress has been made, and what, if any, technical assistance is needed to continue and improve these implementation efforts. Based on the results of the survey, the partner organizations are working in one or more of the six priority areas. Some organizations may be working in only one area, while others may be implementing activities and programs in three or four areas. In addition to learning about the current implementation initiatives, the survey also provided information about the extent to which these organizations measure their success. Specific success measures allow CDHD to use a unified reporting system, the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) Scorecard for performance management, to identify baseline as well as track overall progress and the overall impact of the intervention strategy(s) over the three to five-year implementation period. One of the lessons learned was that implementation is a complex process and may need to move more slowly to involve all of the organizational partners.

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