Graduation Date

Spring 5-7-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Emergency Preparedness

First Advisor

Meaker-Medcalf, Sharon J.

Second Advisor

Smith, Philip Welsch

Third Advisor

Cieslak, Theodore J.


There is a notable increase in the number of natural and manmade disasters all over the world in the past two decades. Emergency preparedness is a field that is drawing increased attention in many countries. Tajikistan is a disaster prone country with unforgiving nature and weak preparedness infrastructure/system. Tajikistan’s weak emergency preparedness system can be attributed to two main reasons; lack of coordination between the government and international emergency organizations, and the paucity of well trained and organized network of emergency professionals. This study drafted a proposal to establish a comprehensive training center in Tajikistan. This training center will be tasked with designing, planning, and conducting various training activities for public health and emergency professionals. Among the training center goals is coordination of the training activities of different governmental and international organizations as well as streamlining of the funding resources. By the end of the initial 5 years period of the project life, it is planned to have established a robust network of emergency professionals in different regions of Tajikistan. One of the long term goals include creating a consortium of training centers in Central Asian countries.