Graduation Date

Spring 5-7-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy

First Advisor

Dr. Ryan Splittgerber

Second Advisor

Dr. Karen Gould


The use of videos in anatomy education has become a potential tool for learning by students. It is currently unclear if using videos that show how to perform a dissection can have an impact on student practical scores. This thesis attempted to address that question as well as address how videos can impact student confidence levels and how students might implement videos into their study strategies. A set of high definition videos was made following the specific steps of a dissector guide and provided to students prior to their third and fourth lab practicals. A series of three surveys was conducted to gauge student experience, learning resource utilization, and feedback for the videos. Student experience had a significant impact on grade outcomes so students were split into groups: students with prior cadaver lab experience and students without. Students used the videos primarily before lab to help prepare for lab and exams. The videos may have had an effect on the final lab practical score for the students who used the videos and may have increased confidence levels in students that used the videos compared to those who did not. This may suggest that dissection video use could have a positive impact on lab practical test scores.

Included in

Anatomy Commons