Graduation Date

Fall 12-14-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Informatics

First Advisor

Prof. Chittibabu Guda

Second Advisor

Dr. Balasrinivasa R. Sajja


Databases have become an essential component for any organization to collect and manage the information. Similar to other domains, by implementing a database management system (DBMS), data storage, access, analysis and updates can be automated and optimized in the biological, medical and preclinical research areas. This work demonstrated the development of a preclinical database, which contains the processed results from different magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques with relevant biological information. In addition, we designed and implemented an interactive analytical tool to format and analyze diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data and automatically generate results in the forms of box plot, bar plot, line plot with statistical summary. The performance of the newly built analytical tool was tested to determine the accuracy and robustness by following functional-unit test procedures. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express edition was used to develop the database, and an open source programming language R was used to develop the interactive analytical tool. Results showed that implementation of DBMS and the interactive analytical tool has drastically reduced data analysis time. While the conventional analytical method required more than three days to format, process, analyze and produce results from one study dataset, the DTI analytical tool returned the same results within 10 minutes. This database and the accompanying tool will be very effective for enhancing the speed of data analysis of diffusion tensor imaging data.