Graduation Date

Summer 8-13-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area

First Advisor

Dr. Amy Killeen

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Reinhardt

Third Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Payne

Fourth Advisor

Dr. James Wahl


The purpose of this double-blinded, randomized, controlled trial was to determine if the local application of simvastatin (SIM), combined with minimally invasive papilla reflection and root preparation (PR/RP), is effective in improving clinical attachment level (CAL), primary outcome measure; probing depth (PD) reduction; increasing interproximal bone height (IBH); and reducing bleeding on probing (BOP) in persistent 6-9 mm periodontal pockets in patients receiving periodontal maintenance therapy (PMT). Fifty patients with Stage III, Grade B periodontitis (AAP, 2018) presenting with a 6-9 mm interproximal PD with a history of bleeding on probing (BOP) were included in the study. Experimental 2.2 mg simvastatin in 0.15 ml methylcellulose (PR/RP+SIM/MCL; n=27) and methylcellulose alone (MCL) control (PR/RP + MCL; n=23) therapies were randomly assigned. Root surfaces were accessed via reflection of interproximal papillae, followed by root planing assisted with endoscope evaluation, acid etching, and SIM/MCL or MCL application. Clinical measurements were collected at baseline and 12 months. IBH measurements were assessed on standardized vertical bitewing radiographs taken at baseline and 12 months. Both PR/RP+SIM/MCL and PR/RP+MCL resulted in improvements in (CAL: -1.93 ± 0.31 mm, p