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A 58-year-old male presented to our institution with synchronous large left thigh sarcoma and sacral decubitus ulcer requiring oncologic resection and reconstruction. Due to extensive tumor involvement, use of local flap for reconstruction was not feasible. Therefore, a spare parts free fillet flap from the disarticulated lower leg was utilized for reconstruction following oncologic resection. The benefits of this spare parts approach include no donor site morbidity, sufficient tissue padding for later use of prosthesis, and preservation of other flaps for future reconstruction of his sacral decubitus ulcer.




Spare Parts Surgery, Free Fillet Flap, Oncologic Reconstruction, Hip Disarticulation

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Fig 1 Preoperative_cmyk.tif (12482 kB)
Figure 1. Preoperative

Fig 2 Dissection_cmyk.tif (14608 kB)
Figure 2. Dissection

Fig 3 Disarticulation_cmyk.tif (17798 kB)
Figure 3. Disarticulation

Fig 4 Postoperative_cmyk.tif (16579 kB)
Figure 4. Postoperative

Spart Parts Surgery for Oncologic Reconstruction.docx (37 kB)



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