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I am currently an Epilepsy Fellow in the Department of Neurological Sciences. I started drawing and painting at a very young age. I am one of the few people in India who received a National Award from the President of India for my contribution to the field of art. I have only ever painted for a cause or for a person I love. I put away my brushes and paints for almost 6 years now because life seemed too heavy on my shoulders, and perhaps I didn't see the upside of anything at the time. I was too busy being a mom and wife, and nurturing my talents seemed like a frivolous indulgence. I recently started painting again, and I think it's because I have found a purpose and direction for myself, and I also found a worthy cause. Some of my art is inspired by what is going on in Ukraine, and I hope I can help those in need with my art. My mentors here at UNMC are from Ukraine, and they are some of the fiercest and most committed daughters and mothers I know. Their passion for the medical profession is unwavering even in such dire circumstances. They inspire me every day, I hope my art does the same for others.

To find out more about the artist, please visit, https://www.unmc.edu/news.cfm?match=29064

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