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It is estimated that 4 of 10 women in the United States have experienced one or more forms of intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime. The US Preventative Service Task Force recommends that clinicians screen women of reproductive age for IPV and refer women who screen positive to ongoing support services (B recommendation). We aim to identify the perceptions, attitudes, and preparedness of plastic surgeons regarding intimate partner violence


An IRB approved survey was sent to members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The survey contained three sections: (1) surgeon and practice demographics, (2) surgeon experience with intimate partner violence and preparedness of using protocols to screen for intimate partner violence, and (3) surgeon attitudes and perception of those experiencing and inflicting intimate partner violence. Four follow-up emails were sent to enhance response rate.


A total of 107 of 2,535 plastic surgeons responded (4.22% response rate), and 81 (75.7%) of them were men. Most surgeons, 57 (64.0%) respondents, estimate that intimate partner violence is rare (year) in their practice while 22 (24.7%) surgeons were unsure of the prevalence. Only 17 (37.8%) surgeons responded that they feel comfortable screening for intimate partner violence while 41 (43.2%) believe that screening protocols are likely to capture patients’ experiences. Most surgeons (71.6%) state they have no established protocol if a patient discloses intimate partner violence.


The prevalence of IPV is well understood, but educational efforts and adequate screening protocols are needed within the plastic surgery community to identify and treat patients experiencing intimate partner violence.




IPV, plastic surgery, intimate partner violence, screening

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