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The University of Nebraska College of Nursing celebrates the 70th anniversary of its founding this year, 1987. The publication of this history is long overdue. No attempt has been made to record or interpret every event, or to include the names of all who have made contributions to the College. Some details of early events have been lost or have become indistinct with the passing of time. Few writers can hope to secure approval from all readers; I hope that the majority of those who read this history will appreciate the heritage of the College and its impact on nursing and nursing education. This history is dedicated to students, alumni, and faculty - past, present, and future.

This volume is the culmination of years of effort by many people with a deep interest in the College of Nursing. Special thanks are due to students, faculty, and alumni for their foresight in preserving the materials used to compile this history. My effort to write the history began in 1981 with the encouragement of the College of Nursing Alumni Association and donations of money and memorabilia from many individual alumni members. Rosalee Yeaworth, Dean of the College of Nursing, and the administration of the University lent their support by providing funds in 1982 and by approving a sabbatical leave in 1984. Dean Yeaworth has been a source of encouragement throughout the project and wrote the original draft of the chapter related to her years as Dean. Regina Tangney Barentson made major contributions by locating and compiling materials and writing the original drafts of the Burgess and Kyle chapters. Her knowledge of nursing and nursing education was invaluable in placing events in a broad historical perspective, and I am indebted to her for her assistance. Thank you to Ann Gray for typing and retyping the manuscript; to Pete Boughn for editorial assistance; to Reba Benschoter and the staff of the Biomedical Communications Department for editorial and production assistance; to Walt Allen and the staff of the Print Shop for expert advice and a finished product. Finally, a sincere thank you to those who have nourished my love for nursing and dedication to the College of Nursing and the University of Nebraska Medical Center for the past 31 years - my classmates and instructors, my students, my faculty peers, and my nurse and physician colleagues.

Nancy Warren Schneckloth

BSN, 1960

MSN, 1975

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University of Nebraska Medical Center




Medical Education

The University of Nebraska College of Nursing, 1917-1987