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•A Chronology of Events

•Nebraska Vital Statistics

•A Consolidated Communications Concept

•A Total Emergency Medical Service System Concept

•The Nebraska Adjutant General's Study of Telecommunications

•Nebraska State Civil Defense

•The Nebraska Consolidated Communications Corporation

•Emergency Telecommunications Service: Planning for the State Disaster Plan

•Evolution of Ambulance Service in Nebraska

•The Nebraska Committee on Transportation and Communication

•The University of Nebraska College of Medicine

•Extension Service, the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture

•The Nebraska State Department of Health

•Area Funding

•The Department of Health, Education and Welfare

•The Six EMS Regions in Nebraska

•The Office of Traffic Highway Safety in Nebraska

•The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

•Comprehensive Health Planning

•Project 20/20

•Operation Sky-Aid

•The Use of Helicopters in EMS Services in Nebraska

•The Common Emergency Calling Number-911

•Immediate Dial Tone/Coin Free Telephone

•Identification of Calling Number and Ring-back Capability

•Visit of DOT People to Nebraska to Inspect Communications

•The Omaha Fire Department Ambulance Service

•A Paramedic Service for Nebraska

•The Nebraska Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons

•Full-time Emergency Department Staffing (American College of Emergency Physicians)

•The Lincoln Medical Education Foundation

•Categorization of Hospitals

•The American Red Cross Handbook

•Veterans Administration TV Network

•Some Early Day Activities in Emergency Services in which Nebraskans were Involved

•Things That Might Have Been

•A Few of Lynn's Comments

•Mid-America Research Corporation

•Interest in Joint Funding Lincoln/Lancaster Pilot Project

•Changes in Pre-hospital Survival in Nebraska

•People Involved in Early Day Consolidated Communications

•People Involved in Early Day EMS

•Appendix A-Original Members of Dr. Thompson's Committee

•Appendix B-Professional Staff, EMS Division Department of Health

•Appendix C-Report by Del Maier in Washington

•Appendix D-Joint Funding Report

•Appendix E-ETV Network Development


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Emergency Medicine | History | Trauma

The History and Development of a Consolidated Communications System and an Emergency Medical Services System in Nebraska