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Summer 8-12-2021

College, Institute, or Department

MD-PhD Scholars Program

Faculty Mentor

Michele R. Aizenberg, MD

Research Mentor

Michele R. Aizenberg, MD


The brain is known to dynamically repair and reorganize itself after sustaining damage. Patients undergoing tumor resection display cortical reorganization, but the specific processes remain relatively unknown. Our longitudinal study investigates the effectiveness of task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in detecting recovery of eloquent function in brain tumor patients. We assessed the changes in brain activity as the brain recovers from tumor growth and surgery through the correlations between neuropsychological analysis and changes in fMRI activation.


neurosurgery, oncology, task-based fMRI, cortical reorganization, neural plasticity

Investigating Neural Plasticity and Cortical Reorganization via fMRI Following Tumor Resection