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Presentation date

Summer 8-10-2022

Faculty Mentor

Peggy Moore

Research Mentor

Andi Zhang


UNMC’s uBEATS program (UNO & UNMC Building Excellence in Academics Through STEM) is a series of free e-learning modules about various health science subjects that was launched by the University of Nebraska Medical Center in August of 2020. They were designed to supplement health science topics in schools, especially for students without access to regular education in health sciences. Statistics collected from the uBEATS data dashboard, and from data provided by Dr. Gwen Nugent on uBEATS average assessment scores and student completion rates suggest that engagement is low. Upon review of literature, it was found that uBEATS does have some design flaws that could be linked to disengagement. Several simple additions were discovered that, if implemented into uBEATS’ current curriculum, show promise of boosting motivation and engagement in future iterations of uBEATS.


uBEATS, E-Learning, Curriculum, Modalities

uBEATS Data Shows Opportunity for E-Learning Module Improvement