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Summer 8-10-2022

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Melissa A Leon


Bariatric surgery is a long-term solution when dealing with obesity. The two most performed surgeries are sleeve gastrectomy (SG) and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB). Both surgeries required a long-term follow-up with the patients as well as drastic changes in their lifestyle due to the alterations in their digestive system. For that reason, it is important to track health-related behaviors to keep a record of the patient’s health. In addition to a drastic change in the patient’s life, some of the health-related behaviors such as nocturnal eating and binge eating can lead to poorer surgical outcomes such as less weight loss. For that reason, there needs to be standardization around pre-health assessments in the bariatric world. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze preoperative surgery assessments for health behaviors including binge eating disorder (BED), nocturnal eating syndrome (NES), and alcohol use disorder (AUD).


Bariatric surgery, binge eating, nocturnal eating, standardization, pre surgical assessment

Health Behaviors and their Impact on Bariatric Surgery