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Helen Starke joined the UNMC faculty as an assistant professor in July 1969. This was before the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine was formally established in 1972. She was designated principal electrocardiographer and placed in direct charge of the cardiac elective with administrative responsibility for phonocardiography, vectorcardiography, and exercise testing. Although she joined a team of only two other full time cardiology faculty members, she helped to legitimize the specialty and grow the division. She took pleasure running the inpatient cardiology service and was reluctant to let her colleagues do morning rounds. In 1975, she was promoted to the rank of associate professor. Dr. Starke’s fellowship training emphasized physiology and focused on congenital heart disease as well as adult cardiology. Former colleagues remember her as a doctor with an encyclopedic knowledge of cardiac physiology. She was an expert on the natural history of untreated valvular and congenital heart disease, and a master at EKG interpretation.