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Student-centered learning is essential and evidence shows higher levels of achievement when students are engaged with educational activities that include critical thinking and effective communication in addition to creativity. The aim of this prospective cohort study was to evaluate a student-centered digital education project during a course about physical therapy (PT) management of chronic diseases. The objectives of this student project were to apply content through a well thought-out digital project and critically analyze information considering multiple points of view. Each project was evaluated by faculty using a rubric, and students completed a self- and peer-assessment. All projects were shared at the end of the semester. Students self-selected the topic (and deadline), whether to work individually or in groups and the digital format of their project (infographic, screencast or PechaKucha/Ignite).

Data analyzed from three cohorts (n=137) show this student project was well-received with 69% agreeing the time it took to complete the project was appropriate for the percentage of the final grade, 76% reported having a better understanding of the topic and 80% reported a new understanding of presenting information to health professions audience. The studentcentered components of the project were also highly favored with the ability to self-select the digital project format (86%), due date (85%) and topic (87%). Most students choose to work in groups (96%) and the infographic digital format was selected most (88%), followed by screencast (7%) and Pecha Kucha/Ignite (5%). Faculty noted an excitement by students about their completed projects and eagerness to share with others.

These results support the use of a student-centered digital educational project allowing students to make connections between course material and PT with an individualized project plan to present information digitally. The millennial generation of students are comfortable with technology and this project introduced new platforms for presenting healthcare information.