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British journal of cancer

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BACKGROUND: Overexpression of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (MIC-1) frequently occurs during the progression of prostate cancer (PC) to androgen-independent (AI) and metastatic disease states and is associated with a poor outcome of patients.

METHODS: The gain- and loss-of-function analyses of MIC-1 were performed to establish its implications for aggressive and chemoresistant phenotypes of metastatic and AI PC cells and the benefit of its downregulation for reversing docetaxel resistance.

RESULTS: The results have indicated that an enhanced level of secreted MIC-1 protein in PC3 cells is associated with their acquisition of epithelial-mesenchymal transition features and higher invasive capacity and docetaxel resistance. Importantly, the downregulation of MIC-1 in LNCaP-LN3 and PC3M-LN4 cells significantly decreased their invasive capacity and promoted the antiproliferative, anti-invasive and mitochrondrial- and caspase-dependent apoptotic effects induced by docetaxel. The downregulation of MIC-1 in PC3M-LN4 cells was also effective in promoting the cytotoxic effects induced by docetaxel on the side population (SP) endowed with stem cell-like properties and the non-SP cell fraction from PC3M-LN4 cells.

CONCLUSION: These data suggest that the downregulation of MIC-1 may constitute a potential therapeutic strategy for improving the efficacy of current docetaxel-based chemotherapies, eradicating the total mass of PC cells and thereby preventing disease relapse and the death of PC patients.

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Androgen Antagonists, Androgens, Antineoplastic Agents, Apoptosis, Cell Line, Tumor, Cell Proliferation, Down-Regulation, Drug Resistance, Neoplasm, Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, Growth Differentiation Factor 15, Humans, Male, Neoplasm Invasiveness, Neoplasm Metastasis, Prostatic Neoplasms, Taxoids



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