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Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection

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PURPOSE: This study aims to investigate the relationship between macular sensitivity and thickness in eyes with uveitic macular edema (UME).

DESIGN: This study is a prospective observational case series.

METHODS: The setting for this study was clinical practice. The study included 59 (28 with UME, 31 without UME) eyes of 26 patients with uveitis and 19 eyes of 10 normal subjects. The procedure followed was fundus-related perimetry and retinal thickness map with an automated fundus perimetry/tomography system. Main outcome measures included quantification of macular sensitivity, fixation pattern, and relationship between macular sensitivity and thickness.

RESULTS: Fixation stability revealed that 56 eyes (93.44%) had stable fixation (>75% within the central 2° of point of fixation); three eyes (6.56%) were relatively unstable (75% located within 4°); and no eye had unstable fixation (50% of fixation point within 0.5 mm of foveal center); seven eyes (11.86%) had peri-central fixation location (25% < 50% within 0.5 mm); and seven eyes (11.86%) had eccentric (280 μm.

CONCLUSIONS: Perimetry quantification of macular sensitivity and retinal thickness, in association with other factors, may offer novel information regarding the impact of UME on retinal function.



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