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Creation Date



1894 - Robert Birton Armstrong, Frederick Earl Beal, James Bisgard, John Larren Brown, Joseph Milton Curtis, William Alvin Hostetter, Frank Warren Johnson, James Alba Johnston, William Clinton Kenner, Hiss Peter Lauritzen

1895 - George Bicknell, George Bjorkman, George R. Butchart, Ernest S. Case, Willis W. Dean, Fred J. Driver, A. P. Fitzsimmons, E. A. Haden, Lawrence Hick, Ernest M. Hickok, I. Diller Jones, Dora Mena Judkins, Joseph S. Lepard, Voorlees Lucas, Charles C. Maloney, Walter L. Morrill, Herbert O. Munson, John R. Pringle, William S. Reiley, Charles C. Stevenson, Ella P. Sumner, Mary Louise Tinley, James L. Somerville, Edwin M. Wilson

1896 - Herbert Augustus Abbott, Edson Lowell Bridges, Albert Butler, George Pigeon, Charles C. Crawl, George Richardson Gilbert, Paul Ernest Koerber, William Herod Lawrie, Thomas James Lawson, Frank Edward Liliedahl, Roy Harry McCarl, Maud Mead, Thomas Joseph O'Toole, Mary Arvilla Quincy, Charles Bane Spates, Andrew Victor Stephenson, George W. Strough, Ernest J. C. Sward, Louis Swoboda, Harry George Thomas, Ernest LeRoy Verley


Composites are produced by the College of Medicine. There may be graduating students not pictured or listed.