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Final Project

Graduation Date

Spring 5-8-2021

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

First Advisor

Cheryl Thompson


Wellness is an emerging and prominent issue in recent years, and specifically has a heavy influence on healthcare institutions and their employees. Having an outlet for self-care is important in developing resilience to life’s challenges. A Renewal Room is one approach to encouraging resilience and mental health restoration. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the usability of a wellness room for nurses. Data were collected in the form of an electronic survey that examined the utility (does it do what users need) and usability of the Renewal Room by determining who uses the room, when it is used, why it is used, what resource(s) in the room are beneficial, barriers to room use, feedback regarding areas of improvement, and benefits derived from room use. One hundred forty-eight out of 940 (15.7%) nurses completed the questionnaire. Only 33 of the 148 (22%) nurses indicated they had used the room within the last two months with the most selected barrier to room use being lack of time (81.25%). Every nurse who completed the questionnaire and used the room reported experiencing benefits to room use including decreased stress (97.06%), improved mood (85.29%), improved teamwork (23.53%), and improved focus (55.88%). In this small sample size study, a Renewal Room was found to have an overall positive effect on the staff that used it.

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