Document Type

Final Project

Graduation Date

Spring 5-2-2024

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

First Advisor

Dr. Myra Schmaderer


Background: Hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) have been a longstanding problem in hospitals nationwide. HAPIs cause significant financial strain to a healthcare system and complications can be devastating to the patient.

Purpose: The purpose of this project was to implement the Standard Pressure Injury Prevention Protocol (SPIPP) 2.0 Checklist for patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The primary aim of this study was to determine if implementing the checklist would reduce the number of HAPIs.

Methods: This project took place over a four-week period at a Midwest hospital in the ICU. Data were collected via patient chart audits and the hospital’s notation on the event system. Data were collected four weeks prior, and four weeks post implementation. The checklist was completed via a two nurse validation system at shift report. An online nurse perception survey was provided at the end of the four-week period.

Results: The compliance rate of completing the SPIPP 2.0 checklist was 13% (72 of 560). Pre-study there were three HAPIs reported and during the study period two HAPIs were reported. The nurse survey results included eight responses collected; four reported negative and four reported positive impacts on their workflow.

Conclusion: Results are inconclusive due to the small sample size. We recommend integrating the checklist in the electronic medical record charting system to help enact the checklist. Collecting data over a longer time-period may provide additional data and a larger patient profile. A shorter checklist may elicit better compliance.