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Objective: College-aged women are at high-risk of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Although, HPV vaccination is most effective, its rates remain quite low among college students. It may be due to inadequate understanding of the relationship between HPV and cervical cancer. Therefore, the objective of this study was to examine the level of knowledge about HPV, cervical cancer and their associations with HPV vaccination among female college students.

Methods: Cross-sectional questionnaire based survey was conducted among female students in a Multiethnic University in Florida. We assessed HPV vaccination status, annual health checkup status, knowledge about HPV and cervical cancer among the students. The response rate for the survey was 91.5%.

Results: Out of 141 students, 39.7% received HPV vaccine, and 38.3% did annual medical checkup within a year. Out of 4, the mean and the median knowledge score of students about cervical cancer was 2.87 and 3.0, respectively. A greater percentage of students who did annual health checkup (44%) received HPV vaccine than those who did not (15%). The odds of receiv-
ing HPV vaccine was nearly 5 times as much for the students who achieved knowledge scores about causes of cervical cancer greater than or equal to the median compared with the students with knowledge scores below the median (adjusted odds ratio [aOR]:4.85, 95% confidence interval [CI]:2.15, 10.92). The odds of receiving HPV vaccine was almost three times as much of students who knew that HPV causes cervical cancer than those who did not know it to be so (aOR:2.9, 95% CI:1.1, 8.2).

Conclusion: Receipt of HPV vaccination was associated with knowing that HPV infection is a cause of cervical cancer and that it’s preventable. HPV vaccination was also associated with annual health checkup status

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