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History of Medicine in Nebraska, edited by Albert F. Tyler, M.D., and compiled by Ella F. Auerbach was, as stated in the Foreword, an effort to put on record the story of the development of medical practice in Nebraska from saddle-bag days to the aeroplane. Accordingly, all available sources were searched, and many individuals provided first-hand knowledge to the project.

The title page shows the imprint: "Omaha, Nebraska, Magic City Printing Company, 1928." However, the book did not appear until 1930. The spine on some copies carries the later date, and some subject areas include events transpiring in late 1928 and in 1929. When the book appeared, Francis A. Long, M.D., editor of the official journal of the Nebraska State Medical Association, published (Nebraska State Medical Journal 15: 167, Apr. 1930) a review of the long-awaited volume, praising the accomplishment, but regretting the lack of an index. Dr. Long also noted that the volume contained typographical errors, some errors of dates and several transposed sentences.

The absence of an index required that the user resort to a random search based on chapter headings for information on people, places and events. Particularly frustrating to the scholar who desired to pursue a subject of interest was the omission of documentation, which might lead to more in-depth study.

This publication is an attempt to correct some of the deficiencies in the original volume, and has been issued in an attempt to provide for more efficient use of the volume by supplying an index, by correcting errors, both typographical and of fact, and by supplying documentation for further investigation wherever possible

Subsequent to the distribution of the Tyler volume, many readers having personal knowledge of individuals and events covered by the book made notes and annotated their personal copies to provide additional pertinent information.

Fortunately for the record, some of these marked copies as well as personal communications found their way into the Library of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Current access to sources provided through modem methods of information retrieval has made it possible to shed new light on the events of the past. The present work is the outgrowth of information collected over a number of years by Librarians who felt a desperate need for an index to a reference volume, and one librarian in particular who has a passion for accuracy and a desire to set the record straight for future students of Nebraska medical history.

No attempt has been made to update the information in the belief that that should be the content of another volume, which will carry the record from the late 1920's to some more recent date.

The corrigendum and notes which follow each chapter should be used as a page-by-page addendum to the text in order to revise the content where necessary. A source publication or manuscript is cited to verify facts as far as possible. In the instances where conflicting information has been located, the corrigendum and documentation includes the note "For other accounts, see ... " Tyler's dedication reads: "To the members of the medical professions of Nebraska, whose heroic achievements have inspired this volume, and whose cooperation has made it possible, this book is officially dedicated." It seems therefore, entirely fitting that the current contribution should be undertaken with the support, in part, of the Elizabeth Abbott Pioneer Physicians of Nebraska Fund.

Raw data for the indexes were compiled by JenniferR. Harvey, with the generous support of her father, Donald A. Harvey, M. D., Nebraska '57. For the arduous task of searching for documentation and for the preparation of the manuscript, the assistance of Debra Schreiner Dimmick, Claire Gadzikowski, Cindy Home and Melanie Cimpl is hereby acknowledged.

The entire project was made possible by the support and encouragement of Robert D. Sparks, M.D., former Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center; Perry Rigby, M.D., Dean; and Robert B. Kugel, former Dean, University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

Bernice M. Hetzner, A.B., M.A.

Emeritus Professor

Librarian for Nebraska Medical History

University of Nebraska Medical Center

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History of Medicine in Nebraska

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