Revolutions in Dentistry and Dental Education

Revolutions in Dentistry and Dental Education



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The inaugural speaker of the Making and 3D Printing in Healthcare speaker series was Gregory Bennett, DMD, who discussed additive manufacturing techniques, materials and their application to dentistry. He also led a discussion of research in 3D printable biomaterials.

Dr. Bennett is an assistant professor of adult restorative dentistry at the UNMC College of Dentistry, where he conducts research and provides education in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and digital dentistry at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Bennett is a graduate of the Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Dentistry. He completed a one-year general practice residency at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton and then served more than five years in the U.S. Navy. Dr. Bennett is a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and is a strong advocate for digital dentistry in its many forms.

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Revolutions in Dentistry and Dental Education