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Joint Meeting of the Midwest and Midcontinental Chapters of the Medical Library Association

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Online educational tools have made it possible for our library to claim some educational territory that was previously unavailable to us, the pre-matriculation period. During the summer of 2015 we were able to add a two-part, case-based, online tutorial to our incoming medical students’ pre-matriculation materials. We created the story of Sarah Pilger, a hypothetical, obese, pregnant teenager whose pregnancy is complicated by a fetal toxoplasmosis. The case introduces the incoming students to almost all the resources they might want to use while enrolled at UNMC and also introduces students to the roles of the many healthcare professionals who are essential to the care of Sarah and her daughter Emily. Questions are posted throughout the Guide-on-the-Side tutorials and instant feedback is provided. Student response to the 2016 tutorial was overwhelmingly positive. We revised the tutorial for use during the summer of 2017, added pre- and post-tests, and will be able to present results of the tests at meeting time. Our dream is to one day have tutorials for each of UNMC’s colleges’ entering classes based on Sarah’s case, and to use these tutorials to foster inter-professional conversation and education. We have already worked with faculty in UNMC’s College of Allied Health Professions to create versions of the tutorial for clinical nutrition and ultrasonography students. The new tutorials are now used as the basis of an interprofessional learning experience in these programs’ obstetric units.