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According to Oracle's white paper, Successful Data Migration, October 2011, up to 75% of new systems fail to meet expectations. That is quite a high number, and our small consortium felt this was true after we migrated to Ex Libris Alma/Primo VE in 2020! We often see librarians on Alma listservs asking for best practices, tips and tricks to manage data, or what metadata challenges to be aware of before migration. After working in our new system for two and a half years, we have insights based on our failures and successes. In this presentation, we will share warnings and common migration errors so you will not be part of the 75% dissatisfied customers. Be aware and not scared!        Background: We are a consortium of four institutions in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney, Nebraska, including a medical and a law library. We migrated to Ex Libris Alma/Primo VE on December 22, 2020, from Innovative Sierra and WMS. We were in silos. We managed our data separately for decades, and now our records are together. It has been a challenge, but we are better together.