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The health and economic well-being of farmworkers has been investigated by social scientists for many decades [1,2,3]. General research on occupational safety and farmworker justice has also been developed more recently [4]. Because Hispanics/Latinos are commonly associated with farmworker occupations, especially migrant farm work, research has paid special attention to their population [5]. For example, researchers have investigated the health of Latina farmworkers [6], injury in youth from Latino farmworker families [7], and learning ability amongst Latino farmworkers [8]. However, Latinos only make up about half of the “farmworker population” is the United States (US). The specific aim of this technical report was to estimate the farmworker population size by geographical division (shown in Figure 1) within the contiguous US and by basic demographic factors. The report helps others1 by using large-scale national data to delineate the sociodemographic profile of the farmworker population in the US mainland.

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