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Diversification of students graduating from Nebraska colleges and schools of nursing is essential to providing a diverse healthcare workforce. Diversity related strategic plans typically include goals expressed using terms such as “increase”, “improve”, or “enhance” the diversity of their applicant pools or graduates. Less common is the practice of providing specific quantitative goals for setting or measuring progress towards expressed goals. This session will demonstrate a method for evaluating current diversity of students or graduates, setting concrete, measurable goals or benchmarks, and evaluating the outcome of diversity initiatives. Participants will take home a detailed tool for determining if recruitment, admission, or student support processes have a disparate impact on members of any disaggregated group of individuals based on gender, race, or other category of interest. These data will provide a basis for understanding the current status and setting measurable goals for the future. This is a methodological presentation. Presentation of “outcomes” is not applicable. Sample data sets will be discussed.



Meaningful Measurement of Diversity Initiative Outcomes

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