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Presentation date

Summer 8-10-2022

College, Institute, or Department

MD-PhD Scholars Program

Faculty Mentor

Dr. David Oupický

Research Mentor

Dr. Ling Ding and Ekta Kapoor


With the urgency of developing novel therapies for pancreatic cancer, the Oupický lab designed a polymer, PAMD-Toc, that incorporates AMD3100, an antagonist of the most widely expressed chemokine receptor in cancer cells, CXCR4. This study seeks to determine if the CXCR4 receptor is involved in the uptake and penetration of siRNA-carrying PAMD-Toc nanoparticles into pancreatic cancer cells and tumors. Findings suggest that the presence of CXCR4 increases the efficacy of PAMD-Toc nanoparticle uptake and tumor penetration, which makes PAMD-Toc nanoparticles a promising siRNA delivery vector for pancreatic cancer gene therapy.


CXCR4, PAMD, Pancreatic Cancer

Investigation of CXCR4 Chemokine Receptor Involvement in the Uptake and Penetration of siRNA Nanoparticles in Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines and 3D Tumor Spheroids