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Presentation date

Summer 8-2022

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Shyamal K Roy


The GATA gene family consists two sub-groups of six genes namely, gata1-3, and gata4-6 transcription factors.GATA4 increases in developing gonads in the context of sex determination. Both gata4 andgata6 are present primarily in granulosa cells, but also in the theca, germinal epithelium, and corpus lutem. However, little is known about hormones, which may affect GATA4 expression in specific cell types within the ovary. The regulation of both gata4 and gata6 expression seems to be controlled by several factors including hormones, calcium signaling, oxygen levels and transcriptional/translational mechanisms. Deletion of gata4in mice lead to a 75%decrease in litter size while deletion of both gata4 and gata6 results in complete infertility due to inefficient primordial follicle formation, oocyte survival and follicular somatic cell development leading to defective folliculogenesis.


Gata4, Gata6, Antral Follicle, gonadotropins, follicle formation

Effects of Hormones on Follicular Gata4 and Gata6 Expression