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•North Laboratory (now Poynter Hall), east side

•North Laboratory is located at 42nd Street and Dewey Street.

•North Laboratory housed the departments of anatomy, embryology, microbiology, and pathology after 1919. Prior to 1919, North Laboratory housed all basic sciences courses, clinical instruction and the library.

•North Building become known as North Laboratory after South Laboratory (Bennett Hall) was constructed in 1919.

•North Laboratory was the first new building of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. It was completed in 1913 and classes opened on September 10, 1913. The 10 acre lot for the university campus cost $20,000 and the construction cost of North Laboratory was $110,000.

•North Laboratory was renamed Poynter Hall in 1970, in honor of Dr. Charles William McCorkle Poynter, the longest serving dean of the College of Medicine (1929-1946).


North Laboratory, North Building, Poynter Hall, College of Medicine