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In May 2000, Dean Armitage and Associate Dean Klintberg took me to lunch. Recognizing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, my defenses were up. When the shoe dropped, I was asked to bring the history of the College of Medicine up-to-date. The Dean was of the opinion that four significant events had occurred which warranted extending the written history after only twenty years. I was quite reluctant and lunch ended with my agreeing to "think about it". Finally in August I agreed, albeit still reluctantly.

As I pointed out to the Dean, because of my commitment to flower gardening I have devoted only part of the three winter months to the project each year. I have interviewed appropriate individuals who had the information I needed and/ or were involved in both sides of controversial issues. In addition, I reviewed the Medical Center's internal publications, news media, "The First Hundred Years of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine", "The University of Nebraska Hospital The First Seventy-Five Years 1917-1992", and any other historical sources I could find. The four significant events which prompted this update were: changes in the curriculum in the College of Medicine, the merger of the University and Clarkson Hospitals, the controversy regarding fetal cell research, and the controversy which resulted in the resignation of Chancellor Aschenbrener.

It will become obvious to the reader that this not a narrative history of the twenty years. I have covered the four" issues" and filled in necessary and appropriate details about the continuing development of the College of Medicine and the Medical Center. There is a fairly extensive reference list documenting my sources of written material. The specific content of significant interviews obviously cannot be documented. I have tried to provide details about departments, administration and physical changes which may be useful for future reference.

I hope that the reader will get some appreciation of the fairly significant changes that have occurred in the past twenty years and have added to the continuing growth of the College of Medicine over 120 years.

F. Miles Skultety, M.D.

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The University of Nebraska College of Medicine, The Second Century: The First Twenty Years, 1980-2000