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In July 2023, University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine leadership charged a task force with investigating facets of artificial intelligence (AI) in an academic health center setting. What must we know, do and plan for regarding generative artificial intelligence in the domains of enhancing education, research, clinical care, business functions and in combating misinformation/disinformation? Task force members were allocated into five subcommittees to investigate key points to inform strategic planning—Enhance Learning, Enhance Research, Enhance Clinical Care, Enhance Business Function and Combat Dis-/Mis-Information and Bias. This work was aligned with the UNMC Strategic Planning process as a “big rock” for 2023. The task force chairs conducted a landscape analysis of AI at UNMC’s nine peer institutions. The work of this task force paralleled that of other universities this fall: four of the nine peer institutions had charged AI task forces or committees with investigating similar issues. While the task force chairs conducted this analysis, the five subcommittees began exploring the ideal scenarios, potential risks, needed policies, additional areas of exploration and resultant goals for each of their given subject areas. Many themes were consistent across all five of the subcommittees. Each group noted the need for clear policies and protocols for AI usage, communication around UNMC’s goals and efforts relating to AI, education for all university stakeholders who may engage with AI systems and funding to ensure that AI tool adoption is carried out smoothly. In acknowledgment of the robust work that is already being conducted at the various colleges and centers within UNMC, any future AI programs and initiatives should attempt to align with and build upon the current efforts.

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UNMC AI Task Force Report