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• Of Animals & (Wo)man, or Indicators of Humanhood

• General Societal Trends

• Animal ization of Devalued People

• Humanization of Animals

• Miscellaneous Animalization Tid-Bits

• Of Mice That Are Really Men

• Netting the EDP

• Netting the Deaf

• The Gentleman Was a Dog

• Handicapped People Inducted by Psychologists

• Retarded Crocodile Sightseers?

• How Now Brown Down?

• Hear the Herald Angels Neigh

• Science Discovers Parents Can Do Same Jobs as Dogs

• Dolphins Discovered to be Smarter Than Educators

• Bozo for President No Colored Pets Need Apply Here

• Oops--Shot Himself in the Tongue

• Animal Food for Thought

• Senator, Please Think of the Guerrillas as Gorillas Amnesty for Animals

• Can There be More Rear Ends of Horses Than There Are Horses?

• Support for ARC

• A Dog's Life

• A Spot for Spots

• Clever Hans is a Very Dead Horse

• Project Mickey Mouse

• Project Pelican

• Bite Them Bite Them Bite Them Bite Them

• Human Beasts & Their Criminal Responsibility

• Miscellaneous

• References for All the Above

• Animal Humor

• PASS Workshop

• TIPS Employment Exchange

• TI Publications

• Good News

• Good News & Bad News

• Bad News

• The Truth About Human Service "Cuts"

• For Christmas ...



TIPS, Volume 02, No. 3, 1982

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