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• Program Concepts & Practices in Human Services

• Depersonalization of Service

• Blaming of Victims

• She Saw: ...But Staff Said: ...

• Contrived or Manufactured Afflictions

• The Cure is the Disease!

• The Mental Health Atrocity of the Month

• The Quiche-Sauvignon Syndrome

• Contrived Causes of Afflictions

• Contrived &/or Ridiculous "Treatments"

• Ear Operations for Political Terrorism?

• The Therapy Craze

• The Oldest Profession?

• To Laugh or to Cry, That is the Question

• How Funny!

• Child Trashing Therapy

• Let the Punishment Fit the Crime!

• Miscellaneous Program Concept & Practice News

• Satanic Human Service Cults

• You'd Never Guess Who Has Been Staffing the Hotlines

• How to Keep Clients From Being Hurt by Human Service Agencies

• The Deathmaking Scene

• Abortion

• Infanticide

• Promotion of Suicide

• The Medical Model to the Death

• Violence, Abuse or Neglect Unto Death in Human Services

• Miscellaneous Deathmaking

• Upcoming Training Events

• TIPS Increases its Subscription Rate

• TIPS Editorial Policy

• Miscellaneous Items



TIPS, Volume 03, No. 6, 1984

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