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• Human Service Program Concepts & Practices

• Post-Primary Production (PPP) Phenomena

• Art for the End of Times?

• Reification of Modes of Living & Thinking as "Diseases"

• Would You Want to Fly High With Mead, Johnson?

• Do You Have ISD?

• The High Shenanigans of Shrinkery in a PPP Society

• Roping People in as Clients

• You Got to Teach'em Before They Are Eight...

• PERVERSION #4 (Nursing home without walls)

• Enlarging or Defending the Scope of the PPP Service Empire via Insane Service Practices

• But Above All, Keep Them Dancing

• Who Are the Mental People Here?

• Enlarging or Defending the Scope of the PPP via Destructive Service Practices

• Enlarging or Defending the PPP Economy by Preventing Adaptive Use of Service Funds

• Problematic Human Service Practices Not Intrinsically Linked to PPP Realities

• Human Service Crazes

• Craze Syndromes

• Autism Crazes

• The Fra X Craze

• The Alzheimer's Craze

• The Alcoholism Craze

• The Hepatitis Craze

• Miscellaneous Other Syndrome Crazes

• Epidemic Breaks Out at Training Institute

• The Animal Craze

• Gone to the Dogs

• Miscellaneous Other Crazes

• Dismantling the Imperial Services Another Modest Proposal

• Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash

• Signs of the Times

• Social Role Valorization

• Gone to the Dogs

• The Deathmaking Scene

• AIDS-Related Developments

• Man Bites Dog

• Condoms for the Tongue?

• Miscellaneous Deathmaking News

• Resources

• CAPE Workshop

• Miscellaneous Human Service-Related News

• PERVERSION ALERT #5 (Chaffee bill)



TIPS, Volume 07, No. 5, 1988

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